Who we are

Here’s the story

The most literal reason for our name is that in Italian, La Terza means “the third,” and we wanted to honor espresso’s Italian birthplace. But we also noticed that there are many “3’s” in coffee...

  1. Coffee comes from 3 primary regions in the world, spread out along the equator: Central/South America, Africa, and Indonesia.
  2. Coffee has come to us in 3 waves: the first was Folgers/Maxwell House; the second was Starbucks and other chain establishments; the 3rd is specialty coffee that is rated 80 points out of 100 or above. La Terza is a proud part of this third wave of coffee.
  3. Many community coffee shops revolve around the idea of a third place--a safe place outside of home (first) and work (second). In these places, we can have very personal and private conversations with our significant others, or we can meet someone new for the first time. Coffee is a catalyst for new friendships and deep conversation, and coffee shops are some of the best spaces for this to take place.

La Terza coffee stands on 3 pillars:

  1. We source from some of the best farms in the world, which allows us to bring great-tasting coffee to your cup while paying farmers true living wages.
  2. We meticulously roast each bean to a carefully chosen profile that is designed to bring out the fullest flavor. We like to think that our customers are able to taste the work we put into each batch.
  3. We deliver fresh coffee to our customer within 48 hours of roasting. Coffee tastes best when consumed within 7-10 days from roasting, which allows our customers to brew their coffee during this window of peak flavor.

About our Coffee

More than anything, we want to be known as educators! 
We designed our roasterie for tours and classes, and our customers are encouraged to come in throughout the week to see the roasting process and ask questions. As an extension of this passion for education, we plan on adding content to our website to teach our followers about coffee.

Coffee should touch the soul!
For us, it’s always been more than a cup of coffee. We believe that coffee should touch the soul, which drives us to provide the best possible coffee experiences to our customers. Sourcing at the highest level, Roasting with great care and dedication, and Delivering Fresh coffee to our customers as soon as possible are the three most important parts of phenomenal coffee that we can all enjoy.

Sustainable Sourcing
We purchase from producers all over the world who are true artisans, which is why we feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility to be a positive reflection of their work. By sourcing high quality coffee from small, authentic farms, we are able to import the most flavorful beans while providing true living wages to those who are working to bring us this amazing coffee.

Meticulously Roasted Coffee
When sourced and roasted at the highest levels, coffee is very similar to wine. It has specific cupping notes and natural flavor profiles; it changes seasonally and annually, based on soil, rain and other weather conditions; it pairs wonderfully with different foods - both savory and sweet. We are constantly bringing in new coffees and evaluating them as they come in. Our roasting team is led by Robert Mbabazi, a certified Q Grader (similar to a Wine Sommelier). He evaluates the coffees and ensures they are roasted to standards that will bring out the most flavor.

Delivered Fresh

So many hands and steps are needed to bring coffee to its final state - a roasted bag in your hands ready to brew. In order to honor all of the work done in sourcing and roasting, we aim to deliver our coffee as quickly as possible to La Terza customers. The first 7 to 10 days after a coffee is roasted is when a coffee is in its prime, with a unique flavor experience and a fully realized taste. We are committed to shipping all coffees the day they are roasted so they can be at your door (and in your cup!) within 48 hours of roasting.

Where we are

La Terza Artisan Coffee is now located next to Rivertown Brewery. This is an exciting move for us as it allows us to be next door neighbors with another company that is dedicated to bringing art to their craft!

Green coffee is a blank canvas, and the roasting process is a delicate art form. It takes skill, dedication, and creativity to turn it into something phenomenal. Regularly cupping our coffees something we take great pleasure in, and tasting our product is a crucial part of our growth as coffee artists. We purchase from many producers all of the world who are true artisans, which is why we feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility to be a positive reflection of their work…and we believe that our attention to detail and tradition shows! Whether you drink it in our shop (?), or your kitchen, or your office, we encourage you to look at each cup of coffee as a piece of collaborative art, that was passed from farmer to roaster to you.